If guest ask for late check-out, ask the guest to check again with the FO around 11 on the day of his departure

  1. on the day of the departure, check the calendar if the villa type the guest booked is available
  2. if available make sure, depending on the type of room the guest is staying, there is a minimum of  2 x  1BR left
  3. In case the guest stay in 1BR Family or 2BR,  there should be at least one room left 
  4. If there are no rooms left, the guest can not have a late check-out
  5. If we have at least two more rooms available, the guest can have a late check-out and needs to pay IDR 100.000 per extra hour.  Please note, the first hour is not for free*
  6. ask the guest the time they will check out and make a 'block date' in the calendar
  7. inform the manager so he can inform the HK staff

Administration: Add late check out to guest in quickbooks

  • Only if guests had some small complaints during their stay and asking for a late check-out, you can offer him one hour free of charge.
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