1. Checking Breakfast orders in the evening
  • make sure there is an order for each guest in the house
  • if an order missing, make sure to contact the guest to inform him
  • if guest does not want to order breakfast, put in notes
  • print al orders and make summary for the cook so he immediate can start to prepare the next morning
  • how many juices? ┬áPlease specify how many watermelon, mixed or pineapple juice so in the morning the kitchen can start to prepare immediately
  • how many floating breakfast and what time must it be served?
  • how many nasi goreng or bakmi goreng?
  • how many croissants? If you know how many guest ordered croissants (we server to per person) you have to go to the kitchen and take the croissants out of the freezer and put them on a tray, ┬ácover with plastic and put in the kulkast
  • put in the summary what time the croissants must be ready

In the morning:

  • if kitchen is about to serve the breakfast, the kitchen must inform the FO (monitor) and the FO must call the guests that breakfast is about to be served and that the guest must open the door
  • one hour after breakfast is served, remind the HK to pick up the dirty tray

2. Prepare check-in forms for security

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